Custom Legato 18.04 - lsmod returns "Tainted: G"


I’m using WP8548 and WP7607 on a mangOH Green board.
I managed to rebuilt Legato repository 18.04 and recent mangOH git sources via commandline on my Linux development machine.
I used DS 5.3.1 to import my repository as a package. I installed this package and I used it to create a custom Target Platform.
When I create a project based upon this custom platform, I’m able to run it on WP targets which are updated with the custom Legato and mangOH firmware.

When I open up a terminal connection towards my target, the command “lsmod” returns “Tainted: G”.
Does this need to be fixed, or not?
How can I investigate the root cause?


Hi @annaertd,

Can you please confirm, in which device you are using the 18.04 (wp8548 or wp7607).

And can you please explain the steps exactly for creating a custom target platform.



I followed the instructions of daav in Adding newest version Legato Framework into Developer Studio to build legato 18.04 for wp85 and for wp76 via commandline.
I imported both custom frameworks in DS 5.3.1 and then compiled my application for both targets (wp85 and wp76).
The application runs on both targets, but, lsmod returns “Tainted: G” on both target modules.

Question is now if this indicates possible stability issues, or other future risks.


Hi @annaertd,

Sorry for the delay.

Basically, If you compile a non-gpl library driver into the kernel, the kernel becomes “tainted”

To avoid this, please try to add the line " MODULE_LICENSE(“GPL”) " in the drivers “.c” file.

For further analysing,

I have tried for the wp85(having legato-18.04 on the top of the release 15 firmware).I have also followed the daav instruction and imported the custom framework 18.04 in DS 5.3.1, then compiled the simple helloWorld application.And installed the application in to the wp85 target and then checked the “lsmod” result, it shown "not tainted " to me.

Can you please clarify my steps given above.

  1. And also please share the results of the below command in both wp85 and wp76.

a) #cm info all
b) #legato version
c) #fwupdate query
d) # dmesg | grep -i taint (before and after application installation)

  1. Also Please provide the application details, using in your side.

This above details will be helpful in reproducing.

Best Regards,