Custom Legato 18.04 - lsmod returns "Tainted: G"



I’m using WP8548 and WP7607 on a mangOH Green board.
I managed to rebuilt Legato repository 18.04 and recent mangOH git sources via commandline on my Linux development machine.
I used DS 5.3.1 to import my repository as a package. I installed this package and I used it to create a custom Target Platform.
When I create a project based upon this custom platform, I’m able to run it on WP targets which are updated with the custom Legato and mangOH firmware.

When I open up a terminal connection towards my target, the command “lsmod” returns “Tainted: G”.
Does this need to be fixed, or not?
How can I investigate the root cause?



Hi @annaertd,

Can you please confirm, in which device you are using the 18.04 (wp8548 or wp7607).

And can you please explain the steps exactly for creating a custom target platform.