Legato AF Versions and supported modules

Hello everyone,

I have some questions to the Legato AF Versions and supported modules.
How can I find out, which WP modules are supported by a Legato AF Version.
Can I use Legato AF 17.08 also on WP8548 and WP7502?

Hi @AE_1,

yes you can do that, as so far WP85xx/WP750x are actively supported, so any version of Legato supports them.
However this configuration went through limited testing on that module, so it is at your own risk if you deploy that in production, cf http://legato.io/legato-docs/latest/aboutReleaseInfo.html#releaseInfo_LegatoAFReleases

At the moment, on wp85 the latest release is Release 14 which uses Legato 16.10.3: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/legato/wpfirmwarerelease/

Hello CoRfr,
OK, the last Legato version for WP85 is 16.10.3, but when I use wp85 on MangOH Red, I am not able to build red_wp85 based on Legato 16.03.0. When I use the legato 17.08.0, I can build the red_wp85.
Does this mean, the released version Release 14 legato 16.10.3 does not support MangOH RED?

Hi AE_1,

The most recent official release by the WP team for the WP85xx/WP750x is Release 14 which as you mentioned includes Legato 16.10.3. The mangOH repositories contain a few apps and kernel modules on top of the Legato. mangOH doesn’t currently have the concept of releases, but we try to make it so our master branch will build against the most recent stable release of Legato (currently 17.08.0).

So I would suggest putting release 14 on your mangOH Red and then build the mangOH_Red.sdef from the mangOH repository based on Legato 17.08.0. The is what is described in the mangOH Red Getting Started Documentation.