DS 5.3.1 notifies ''Legato version running on device is not supported""


I’m using WP8548 and WP7607 on a mangOH Green board.
I managed to rebuilt Legato repository 18.04 and recent mangOH git sources via commandline on my Linux development machine.
I used DS 5.3.1 to import my repository as a package. I installed this package and I used it to create a custom Target Platform.
When I create a project based upon this custom platform, I’m able to run it on WP targets which are updated with the custom Legato and mangOH firmware.

Although everything seems running smoothly, DS gives a notification each team I install my application (Legato version running on device is not supported: unknown_xxxxxxxx_modified).
Can I check the ‘version’ of my custom Legato package to investigate this issue?



Hi @annaertd

We are regularly verifying that the interoperability between DS and Legato is working well.
Well, we do it usually regularly…
At the moment, the compatibility range of DS 5.3.1 is still up to 18.03
We’ll try to have it tested by next week so that we can upgrade this range to 18.04 and even 18.05
The notification should disappear when it will be done.


interoperability between DS 5.3.1 + Legato 18.04/18.05 has been verified.
The support range has been upgraded.