mangOH system cannot be installed on wp77

Hi all,

I was playing with mangOH Green so I need mangOH system fetched in here. I have a wp7702 module with Legato 17.8.1. But I had problem when install the mangOH system in wp77. Here’s what I did:

  • In the native Legato framework 17.8.1 folder installed with Developer Studio, run make wp77xx and built > the Legato for wp77 successfully.
  • Downloaded toolchain for wp76 from here and installed in folder opt/swi/y17-ext
  • After running source bin/configlegatoenv in legato root folder, cd into mangOH folder
  • Went through as instructed in mangOH to enable the toolchain to build kernel modules.
  • I added an entry in mangOH makefile for wp77xx as:
    .PHONY: green_wp77xx
    mksys -t wp77xx $(MKSYS_ARGS_COMMON) $(MKSYS_ARGS_GREEN) mangOH_Green.sdef
  • Then run make green_wp77xx got me mangOH_Green.wp77xx.update system update file.
  • Run instsys mangOH_Green.wp77xx.update targetIP.

But after several (I think more than one) reboots on wp77 the system is not listed after app status.
On mangOH Green I connected the serial port to my laptop, the output of the port including logread after the initiation of mangOH installation, and port output when rebooting is attached. log.txt (344.3 KB)

Hi @lichen, can you clarify whether you have a wp77 module or a wp76 module?