Sometimes leaf search cannot find swi-wp76_6.0.0 (R17)

When doing ‘leaf search -t wp76xx’, sometimes swi-wp76_6.0.0 shows up and sometimes it doesn’t. This is needed for the R17 release. Any ideas why this is happening?

FYI, just have a try, no problem is found:

Yes, I was finding swi-wp76_6.0.0 all the time last week, but for the last couple of days the list has only gone up to swi-wp76_5.2.0-onlycap. It’s like there is more than one server and they’re not synced, something like that.

Maybe it’s just the time of day :slight_smile: It’s come back again now :

│ swi-wp76_5.2.0-onlycap │ SDK for WP76 (Release 16 + Legato 20.08.0) │ latest,wp76xx,dev │
│ swi-wp76_6.0.0 │ SDK for WP76 (Release 17 + Legato 21.05.2.rc2) │ latest,wp76xx,stable │