Toolchain required for Release 12


I have been directed to get help from the legato R12 development team.
I have Release 12 firmware (WP77xx_Release12_ATT.spk), and I have been able to flash it on WP7700 successfully.
Now I need to compile my application for it, and it seems it requires a specific toolchain version. Can anyone please provide the toolchain version SWI9X06Y_02.32.02.00?

I am looking for a script which extracts the SDK, probably named as:

Thank you

Hi @aashwini, you should be able to get the toolchain from but it seems it hasn’t published there yet.

However it’s already available on leaf, see

│ swi-wp77_3.0.0  │ SDK for WP77 (Release 12 + Legato 19.07.0)  │ latest,wp77xx,stable │


I could extract the toolchain from leaf.

Thank you for the suppport.

Hi @aashwini.

Where did you obtain Release 12 firmware from?
Is it an internal release only at this stage?

I’m curious if it fixes ULPM issues with WP77xx modules.


Hey Raf,

You can actually get all the files from the .leaf folder mentioned in the link above from CoRfr


Thanks @elliotmr. Found it there.