Legato vscode install Ubuntu 22.04.1

I was trying to set-up Legato to use with a mangoh red WP7702. But I had trouble with the installation process of legato with vscode, I keep having this error :

  Profile provisioning interrupted
  Error while installing required packages (Error during sync step for swi-verify-aptdeps_1.7.210909 (command returned 100))
  try leaf profile sync to resume

It got stuck when trying to install python-jinja2 but I already have it. It keeps running Python commands instead of Python 3. We are two of us stuck on this with Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS. Has anyone encountered this ?

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So the only way to fix it is using an old Ubuntu version?

i don’t know as I have never tried on Ubuntu 22.
You can install VMWare with old Ubuntu and see if it works.

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Ok, we are trying this and keep you updated

Okay so we tested a virtual machine with Ubuntu 18 it works fine

Same here, can you add Ubuntu 22.04 LTS fix ?

Hi @lpacyk
Is this fixed in coming future leaf release (LETOOLS-1120)?

Maybe need to install pip and then can install python-jinja:

sudo apt install python-pip
python -m pip install jinja2

Made on my side on Ubuntu 22.04