Error message by "leaf setup -p swo-wp76_4.0.3"

To set up leaf development environment, I send the following command under myWorkspace.
leaf setup -p swi-wp76_4.0.3 WP76_test

But I saw that the following error code (attached picture) in my Ubuntsu PC 16.04 LTS.
Error while installing required packages (Error during sync step for swi-verify-aptdeps_1.6.191122 (command returned 100))

I tried to send “leaf profile sync” command and “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install automake autoconf swiflash swicwe”. But the result is same.
Could you please advise how to avoid this error message.

is it same issue as this one?

what is your leaf version please? can you create another workspace and starting from scratch?

The error message is difference. So, I think that it is difference issue.

I create new workspace folder and try it. But I saw same error now.
The following is leaf version.
Leaf version 2.3.1

I don’t see such problem with ubuntu 14 using leaf version 2.1 to download packages.
You can try this leaf 2.1 deb file.
leaf_v2.1.deb (139.4 KB)

Thanks for your support. I uninstall latest leaf and install leaf2.1 deb file.
But I saw same issue.

do you see this in VSCODE with the leaf plugin?

I re-install Ubuntu in my environment. Then, I can setup swi-wp_4.0.3.
Thanks for your support.