Legato Hierarchy View Disappear

Hi all!
I am working on the latest version of legato for FW16 16 and all the apps work! (I also tried on the board!) But I still have a problem: when I run GPIO and MUX apps, the Legato Hierarchy View disappears and this problem occurs (also if on the board all works):

To help you to understand, here is my project’s dependancies:


I don’t understand where I’m wrong. Do you think this could be a dependancies problem ?
With this problem I’m limited to adding and removing apps from my Legato, so I don’t have full control over my project. But the good thing is that it even works on the latest version of Legato !!! :grin:

for adding and removing apps, you should modify the .sdef.

yes, I can add them in the apps of sdef, but I would see them also in the lateral hierarchy view and this doesn’t happen :frowning:

it does not affect to build the image, right?