Missing binding for positionning

I try to run a positionning project on Windows with developer Studio legato[16.01 - 16.07] . but I have the bindings problem

Please run legato version on your target and then check the version of your toolchain. I think you may have a mismatch.

Hi @bengme00

Please can you share the adef file of your app?

Hi @daav I have adef file . I installed legato package 16.10 on my target but i got problem

Please can you dump the content of your adef file here?

yes @daav

but I am install legato 16.10 and I can’t now do nothing

Hi @bengme00

Please can you be more specific on what you can’t do with Legato 16.10?
By the way, the bindings are looking OK in your adef, so the initial binding problem is certainly due to a version matching problem between the Legato version running on the device, and the one used to build your app.

yes @daav that is my problem , I have install new version in my IDE (developer Studio) and I try to install the same in my device Since yesterday without success. please can you explain how I can install it. I use windows 10

best regards

Hi @bengme00
Please can you elaborate on what is the exact behavior you’re observing when you try to upgrade your device to Legato 16.10.1?

Hi @daav
I have download firmware Package Releale from http://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/legato/wpfirmwarerelease/
If I try to upgrade my device, After about 1 to 2 minutes, I get a message that the device is unknown and the device get down. I can speak sprench , I have more problem to explain my Problem in englisch.

Mmmm, release on this page is still the 16.07 one. Should be a matter of days to have it proposing the 16.10.1 firmware.

Firmware can be upgraded from DS as well. Just connect to the device, and use the Flash Firmware action from the toolbar.

@daav Thank you its much it works, but I do not receive the GPS. the satellite is in view.For the NMEA port (COM8) I receive the following information

and legato Console give me

I have already connect the GNSS device and my ANTENNE. Please can you explain me what is the problem?

best regards

Hello @bengme00 ,

This looks like issue is due to weak GPS signal. Please try to run the test where signal is strong.

You can use GNSS tool to know the first fix is obtained. ( gnss - Legato Docs )

Referring to below explanation,


  GSV          Satellites in view

  2            Number of sentences for full data

  1            sentence 1 of 2

  08           Number of satellites in view

  01           Satellite PRN number

  40           Elevation, degrees

  083          Azimuth, degrees

  46           SNR - higher is better

                for up to 4 satellites per sentence

  *75          the checksum data, always begins with *

We can see the SNR field is empty.

We can see the GPGSV, where SNR field in the provided issue link is empty.

The GNSS is not able to get the First fix and TTFF is not available.

This problem may arise due to the weak satellite signal, the GNSS engine may not able to get the proper fix.