Legot Build : The task provider for ""


I’ve just install vscode 1.46.1, legato plugin 1.2 and leaf 2.3 on my ubuntu 20.04.

When i try to compile, i’ve always a task error with the message :
The task provider for "" tasks unexpectedly provided a task of type "Legato Build".

Other problems :
when I try to remove component, only the sdef file is update but the legato view a empty removed component.

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@Ph38240, you are trying to compile what? a Legato app or system?

This message happen when I use “legato: build” or “legato: build and install” after press shift+ctrl+b

The legato plug-in make a system build “mksys”.
The build is OK, but a have the error message.

Now I use the command line in a separate shell to make just the application build ( I don’t know how to make a application build in vscoder with the plug-in

@Ph38240, to just build the app you need to change and to select the app .adef file in the .xdef menu (bottom blue bar), as is explained here:

Ok, but i’ve always the error message

Having the exact same problem on:
VS Code 1.47.1, legato plugin 1.2 and leaf 2.3 runing on Ubunto 18.04

Now, i’ve just install the latest VsCode 1.17.2
The message is always present and now the legato: hierarchy view is empty !

I uninstall legato plugins and install , but nothing

To be more precise, the message from stack " The task provider for "" " come when i just press ctrl + shift + b key and the build drop down showing !

@Ph38240, To well understand, the build action worked well, but you get just this error message, right? I think it will disappear by relaunching vscode.
About the legato: hierarchy view, I agree it doesn’t work well for the moment, what you want to do with legato: hierarchy view you can do it with workspace explorer section.

I reinstall all (leaf vscode plug-in) tree times, but the error alway appeared.
The hierarchy is for managing ccomponent/app…

I could not reproduce the problem, here is my setup:
VScode Version: 1.47.2 | Legato Plugin : 1.2.0 | LeafMinVersion": “2.3.1” | OS: Linux x64 5.3.0-61-generic - Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS | wp76 R13.3 package

Here’s my system setup:
VsCode Version: 1.47.3 Date: 2020-07-23T15:51:39.791Z
Plugin legato : 1.2.0
OS: Linux x64 5.4.0-44-generic - Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
Leaf version 2.3.1
Legato Package :

  • swi-wp77_3.4.0 - SDK for WP77 (Release 12 + Legato 20.04.0)
  • swi-vscode-support_200624 - VS Code features support for legacy SDKs

Even with your setup i could not get this message, can you describe more what you have done (steps) please?

Hy mehdiALL1

It’s very simple, I follow exactly the tutorial on (

Yes, I know how to do it … don’t know what is the cause of this message… but at least you are able to build successfully … so you are not blocked

Just started running into the same issue: legato: hierarchy view completely empty.

Worked fine yesterday at the end of the day when I shut it down -> today it is completely empty!

Been running through every element of the settings and config and all appears to be in order.


Hi @mpetersen … this issue (legato: hierarchy view) has already been reported internally … I’ll update you here :

Thanks mehdiALL1,
I will try to wait patiently for your update.