Build Project issue

Today I tested my app via Developer Sdudio platform. I found an issue with the Developer Studio.
When I created a component (ride4gGpio) in my project (ride4G), and start running Build Project, there are many Errors displaying in the Problems output window, you can see the screen shot:

But when I re-import the project an re-build the project, all of the issue was resolved.

Any explications?

Addition: my Developer Studio is v5.1.

Hi lumao,

I think it was just a bug of your IDE, because your errors (no “le_result_t” an “int32_t”) look like the IDE wasn’t able to read legato.h (which include all the basics .h you need to code in C).

Did you try to run your appli on Legato ?


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hi, GuilaumeCarel,

Yes, I did. when I running my app on device, it shows that a bindings missing the path.
So I checked with my .adef file, it lost a binding declaration. When I added it, it works OK now.

Thank you for your reply.

Best Regards!

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Developer Studio is integrating Eclipse CDT for all C-related features.
This includes a static code analyzer, which trends to be a bit too lazy and sometimes raises “Semantic Errors” in the Problems view.
These are not compilation errors, and should disappear if the code analysis is manually triggered (in the right-click project menu).

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