Error when creating system - modemService.le_appInfo is not bound to anything

I installed the VS Code extension, installed leaf, added the vscode leaf support package and the latest wp76 leaf package, was prompted to create a system, entered a system name and pressed enter

Expected Behaviour

Boilerplate sdef, adef, cdef and component.c files would be created in the pwd ready to be built and installed

What actually happened

An sdef file was created, but also a buld [systemName] folder created, no app or component folders/files and the following error notification with

An error occurred when loading Legato system view: ** ERROR: Client interface ‘modemService.le_appInfo’ (aka ‘modemService.modemDaemon.modemDaemon.le_appInfo’) is not bound to anything.
Source: Legato (Extension)


  • Ubuntu 18.04 (fresh install and updated)
  • VS Code 1.44.1 2020-04-13
  • Legato Extension 1.0.1

Hi Paul,

Based on the error message, it seems the binding in definition is not set correctly?
le_appInfo binding should be like this:

    *.le_appInfo -> <root>.le_appInfo

If still issue to build it, would you please share your app package source to check?