Error in VS - modemService.le_appInfo is not bound to anything

Legato Icon in Visual studio is empty not able to create new app to add in system.

Error Popup:
An error occurred when loading Legato system view: ** ERROR: Client interface ‘modemService.le_appInfo’ (aka ‘modemService.modemDaemon.modemDaemon.le_appInfo’) is not bound to anything.
Source: Legato (Extension)

Module:WP76 series
SDK:Release 13.3 +Legato 19.11.1

**Note:**Previously same setup is in working condition (Above issue occurs when restarted the Visual studio)

PFA below …

@karthikR, the issue is happening only when you restart vscode? can you try to close un reopen your workspace, this may refresh the display in Legato system view