How configure VsCode build mkapp to add -s directory


I use the le_data.api to connect my application to the data network.
But at the build phase, i’ve got this error:

/opt/mongo/components/wClient/Component.cdef:58:8: error: Can't find dependent .api file: 'le_mdc.api'.
The terminal process "/bin/bash '-c', 'mkapp ${LEGATO_DEF_FILE} -s components -t ${LEGATO_TARGET}'" failed to launch (exit code: 1).

A solution is to add -i option in mkapp in leaf shell:
mkapp apps/wClient.adef -s components -t ${LEGATO_TARGET} -i ${LEGATO_ROOT}/interfaces/modemServices

Is there a solution to configure logato plugins or .adef/.cdef file to add -i option in mkapp ?

You can add the above line in the app Makefile

where is the app Makefile in VSCode?

You create a new one and put it under /apps folder … i didn’t try it but it should work



all: $(TARGETS)

mkapp -v -t $@
helloWorld.adef -i {LEGATO_ROOT}/interfaces/modemServices**

rm -rf build* *.update

Then this is nothing related to vscode, right?

indirectly yes … but it’s still a tip

OK, then you can put the makefile in the application directory, and in vscode, type" leaf shell", and then go to the directory and type “make”.
Attached is my Makefile as reference for modemDemo sample application.
I get it from Developer studio.Makefile (2.6 KB)