Error trying to build data connection component

I have a successfully set up a dev environment on Ubuntu using VS Code and can build and install the boilerplate system, app, and component.

I’ve just tried to follow the documentation for managing a data connection
but during the build I get the error:

fatal error: le_data_interface.h: No such file or directory
 #include "le_data_interface.h"

I noticed that an le_data_interface.h exists in one of the _build_[appName]/wp76xx/api subdirectories, but not in the leaf-data directory (where I assume includes are sourced).

FYI using a mangOH Red with WP7607, if it makes any difference.

Did you find this problem in Developer studio?
Not sure if your code has problem.

Fixed by binding le_mdc and le_data in my adef and removing the le_data_interaface.h import.
The code sample online really needs updating to follow this current practice.