Developer studio 5.3.1+WP7601G+Helloworld

Hi, i am using Developer studio 5.3.1 and want to build “Helloworld” in WP7601G. I am using MangOH. I think, I am able to build the app.

Jan 6 01:26:49 | test[11109]/testComponent T=main | testComponent.c _testComponent_COMPONENT_INIT() 5 | Hello, world.

But i am always getting “Jan 6 01:58:16 | modemDaemon[659]/le_pa T=unknown | pa_mrc_qmi.c EventReportHandler() 1255 | Network Registration failed error code 15” error.

Could someone help me with this issue?

This is not related to developer studio, sometimes i saw the same message ,i just ignore it

Could you please let me know that is it still possible to build apps into WP7601G with developer studio 5.3.1? Could you please share any example with GPS reading? Thanks in advance.

What is WO7601G???
Of course we can build legato apps via developer studio.

Sorry it is WP7601G module. I need some help to get example with GPS reading such as with AT commands.

You can use AT!GPSFIX to start the gps fix.
You can check the status by at!gpsstatus?
To check the result, you can use at!gpsloc?

Is there any example to use AT command?

Moreover, once i installed the windows driver, it does not show the “Sierra wireless AT command port”, it should be a problem, right?

It should appear modem port in device manager

I have got this. I could not find AT command port.

I am following and i dont have the Sierra Wireless modem

It shows that

4.20 Write Your First Program

For instructions on building applications (including writing a ‘Hello World’ program to test your mangOH Red), and to download sample Legato applications, visit

But i could find the program to tes link. Could you please help with this issue?

Wwan modem is the AT command port

Thanks, Is there any example?

Please see this file.
teraterm_gps.log (19.5 KB)

Thanks but how and where i can execute those AT commands? using Tera term to read serial COM17 where it shows the GPS readings.

Double click on wwan modem, you will see the port number

Thanks. I am able to execute AT command in COM port 15. It works, thanks.

Hi, I am getting errors where i am trying to run the following textLoc.c

Could you please help with this issue?

I don’t see problem to compile textLoc application with Developer studio on WP76 R13 package.
You can use my application here.
textLoc.rar (734.6 KB)

Thanks, i am sorry to say that i am totally new here. I have just included the project but not able to run and debug it

Can you please walkthrough to run it?

Thanks in advance.