WP7607-1 - Failed to start TI wifi


I’m using a WP7607-1 on a mangOH green board.

The firmware and legato version are from WP76xx Firmware Release 10.1.1.

I have a WL1835MOD board wired to the IOT0 interface of the mangOH board.

My issue is that sometimes (~5% of the time) after a reboot I cannot use my WL1835MOD board. The rest of the time it works properly and I can use it to set my WiFi Access point.

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:~# ifup -v wlan0
/etc/init.d/tiwifi start
Failed to start TI wifi

The problem is that I don’t really know what is happening from this error and the only workaround I know is to reboot, which is not ideal.

Does somebody know what could lead /etc/init.d/tiwifi script to fail?

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I think I might have been able to identify the issue. The problem looks like sometimes the wifi modules will be started.
The wifi starting script will think that everything is already configured but it wouldn’t be the case, just the modules would be there, the GPIOs won’t be configured. This would lead the ifup to fail.

When I’m in a failure state, if I check the wlcore related module started I see the following:

root@swi-mdm9x28-wp:/dev# lsmod | grep wlcore
wlcore_sdio 5544 0 - Live 0xbf0de000
wlcore 205233 1 wl18xx, Live 0xbf09c000
mac80211 290854 2 wl18xx,wlcore, Live 0xbf042000
cfg80211 264915 3 wl18xx,wlcore,mac80211, Live 0xbf000000

In this case, the /etc/init.d/tiwifi start command will see that wlcore modules are started because lsmode | grep wlcore will return 0 and won’t go through the GPIOs configuration.

I managed to recover by calling /etc/init.d/tiwifi stop, which would remove the modules, then go through my configuration again that will call /etc/init.d/tiwifi start.

I think as a workaround I’d call /etc/init.d/tiwifi stop at startup to set the system in a state the start expects it to be.

Why does the GPIO config get skipped if the modules are loaded?

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Hi @ben.o,
an investigation is opened internally, I’ll keep you inform on any progress
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