Airvantage not working


Recently I’ve been trying to test the mangOH green connection to the Air Vantage through the asseData example, but unfortunetly I can’t build and install the program on Developer Studio to the mangoh. I got a lot of problems with library, I’m not sure but it seems that the library is not updated, the package installed on my Developer Studio is 16.10.3, and for this example I think that the 17.06 version is needed and I have no idea how to solve it. Can anyone help me?


First, make sure you are running the latest Dev Studio. You should be at least 5.3.1.
Go to the packages perspective. You should have a “Current module selection: WPxxxx” in the top left box. If not select the correct module that you are using. Then you should see a line in the bottom box that says “Sierra Wireless Legato Repository…” This will have a drop down arrow. Click that and you will see the versions for your device.The ones that are grayed out are the versions of legato you have. The ones that aren’t are ones you can pick. Right click on the one you want and select “Install selected Packages”. After the install, you will need to go back to the project perspective and then go to your project and right click on it and select Properties->Legato Application. In there, select the new release and click Apply and Close.
Now rebuild. You will now be up to date.

It looks like a toolchain issue, make sure you have installed the latest package.