Error running helloWorld on WP7601 MangOH Green

When I compile and install hellowWorld app on my MangOH green board with a WP7601 device, I get this error when it tries to run:
test3: symbol lookup error: test3: undefined symbol: le_sig_InstallDefaultTermHandler

Does that mean that the exe didn’t link properly, or is that a component that’s supposed to be somewhere in the system on the device? I get no errors when I just compile/build the project.


It likely means the version of Legato installed on your board is different than the version you used to compile. Can you try updating the Legato on your board (e.g. using instsys)?

I don’t exactly know where to get the .update file I need to install. Do I build it? When I looked that up, it says that Sierra Wireless does something to it before release. I have the R5 (Generic) firmware on there and according to the docs, it already has Legato installed on it. Is there a way to check what the version is on the device?

OK, I built the Legato System based on the WP76xx, and it produced the .update file. I installed it using the instsys command. All is well there.
However, now when I try to build and install my app, I get a “project contains an error”, after the connection being made, but no other information, and nothing in the logs.