WP7702 can't install new firmware

All the functionality is there, I can talk to it via ssh. I can install the devMode app. I can download the .spk file, and run the fwupdate command on it. It downloads just fine (downloadOnly), but when I try the fwupdate install it just comes right back. and when I do fwupdate checkStatus it says “Bad status (Unknown), install not possible.”

What can I do?

How about one click exe on windows?

No, that fails right away with unknown error. Doesn’t even try to reboot the device.

If you are usimg mangoh board, you can put the module to recovery mode and use fdt tool to upgrade fw.

Unfortunately, not using a Mangoh board.

Do you have test point on that pin?

What pin on the device?

Please see product technical specification on the section about TP1(boot pin).