Recover Working Firmware

Hey, how can i flash the Firmware on my WP85 on my MangOH red after flashing a badly rebuilt Custom Firmware? I tried using: swiflash -m “wp85” -i WPx5xx_Release16.1_GENERIC.spk but always get: Firmware download failed - firmware and PRI version mismatch.

using swiflash -m “wp85” -r lets me delete the user partition but that doesn’t fix my Problem.

I am only able to ssh to the device for a few seconds before crashing, so fwupdate isn’t an option either.

Thanks in advance!

How about using the windows exe file?

In mangoh red board, sw401 switch 7, there is a switch to put module into download mode

I am tyring to use the exe file but i still get the following errors.

Awaiting adapter …
Setting images preference …
Enabling selective suspend …
Firmware download failed.
Primary error code: 51 - Failed to switch device to BOOT&HOLD mode.
Secondary error code: 201 - Failed to switch device to QDL mode.
Device error code: 0x0 - Unknown device error code.

I tried switchin the SW401 swithc 7 to 1 to force put it into boot&hold mode but no success, i also trtied using AT!BOOTHOLD but i still get the same errors

Edit: the same error message also occurs when exe is executed when no device is connected

if you switch the pin7 of SW401 to ON, module will immediately go to BOOT&HOLD mode. You should only see one DM port in device manager.

After that, you can extract the exe file by 7zip tool, and directly run “fdt.exe xxx.spk” in command prompt terminal.

That worked! Thanks!