Has anyone ever run a mangOH project on the latest FW 16 version?

As the title suggests: is it possible to run a mangOH project on firmware version 16, i.e. Legato 19.11? I would like to use the latest version, but I get a lot of dependency problems when I load I try to make the mangOH project work, which by the way I would need just to get GpioExpanderServiceGreen and the Mux functions to work, so not entirely. Anyone have experience? any help will be appreciated

I am not 100% percent sure but i have some expierence using a MangOH red with a WP7607.
As far as i know the original MangOH firmware found on mangOH Red Resources - Software - mangOH is running an older version of legato (17 or 18 i think) and the FW 16 found on https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/software/wp76xx/wp76xx-firmware-latest-release/#sthash.Ntv75yT9.dpbs is using Legato 19 as you said.
So when running MangOH porject on FW16 there can be dependency issues.

Initialy i just stayed on an older legato version but i ended up upgrading to legato 20 and manually addapting some of the mangOH code to the newer software. Pretty time intensive but if you are lucky you may need just a few changes

Hi @Reinhard I am doing the same thing: I started on Legato version for FW 13, I make run apps for CAN bus, so gpioExpanderServiceGreen and Mux apps. Now I’m trying to make run one by one on the latest legato version. I can see these apps on the device, but Legato Hierarchy View disappears, so for dependancies problem I think. If this problem is solved, all works on latest FW version!