VSCode packages installation issue

I have installed wp75 package using leaf (leaf setup wp750stable -p swi-wp75_2.0.5
) and can see this in my workspace “wp750stable” but not able to see in VSCode. If i click on refresh option in the packages window getting below error
command ‘cmd.leaf.pkg.fetch’ not found


Hi @niladri,

I don’t understand your issue, can you use the leaf package with the command line or not? what do you want to do with VScode?


Hi @niladri,
I tested on a newer version but I faced a similar ERROR message command ‘cmd.leaf.pkg.fetch’ not found at first. I realized later on that it was because I was trying to refresh the leaf package in VSCODE interface before opening or creating a workspace.
See step 3 in below page:

3 . Open a folder as your Legato workspace. Ctrl + K + 0

  • a . Make or choose a folder to use as a workspace and click Ok

After that I can update the available leaf packages and add to a profile. hope it help.

my setup:

  • VSCODE: 1.38.1
  • Code legato plug-in: 0.8.0
  • leaf: 2.1
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