Virtual Box in Windows

Hi There… I have imported the Legato into Virtual Box but when a run it hangs, when I can see Ubuntu starting up but the screen is black and it does not respond to mouse or keyboard, when I close the VM windows then see the UBUNTU desktop in very poor resolution but still does not respond

I have removed and re-imported the appliance many times but the problems seems to be different

I have a Windows 10 with a 64 bits system

Has someone faces similar issues?

Hey @wtrocel,

While I didn’t have the exact same experience, I found in general, VirtualBox (on Mac OS in my case) was full of headaches. I also spoke to some other developers that have used VirtualBox and the consensus was to stay away from it (despite the appealing price tag). I got fed up and purchased a proper VMware licence and haven’t had any issues since. I believe VirtualBox has some tools to export appliances to a standard format that can be used by VMware, so maybe give that a try.

Hopefully that helps,

I got Virtual Box working fine on my Windows 10 with 64 bits system with legato AF.
You can try to install Ubuntu first and then clone the legato framework.

Does it support in windows10 platform? I asked this question because I am getting windows update error 80070103 while running virtual box.

HI @charlie909,
as the previous post indicated, it works fine on Windows 10.
the error you face , could be linked to an uncompatible driver version or an old one.
you can find on web similar issues with windows OS , which could help you to solve this kind of issue,
best regards