Docker initialization is not comlete

when i build the legato application project, it has an error about Docker, and i can not compile it. How can i solve it ???, please help…thank you…

Please can you post here the zipped content of your workspace log (workspace/.metadata/.log)?
(FYI we’re polishing the Boot2Docker initialization phase in next DS 3.4, with more comprehensive error messages).

One common problem is that maybe the “VTX” option is not enabled in your BIOS.
Indeed, Boot2Docker relies on a VirtualBox VM, which needs this option to be enabled. We’ve seen several laptops where the option was disabled by default.

follow this link to take my .log file

my VTX option in my BIOS is set enabled, but it still not work…please help…thank you…

From what we see in the logs, your Linux host OS is a 32 bits version.
But neither native nor Docker/Boot2Docker build can be handled on this architecture. Legato apps development is limited to 64 bits hosts.

I have similar problem. The log is below. Can you help me check it?