To VM or not to VM

To VM or not to VM that is my Question.

I’m in the process of setting up a new system and I was wondering it there are any pitfalls to using a VM (VMWare or VirtualBox) to host the Linux build environment.

I’m tempted to use VM as it is easy to backup and archive. However if there are any known issues with communicating through a host PC I’ll just install ubuntu on bare metal.



I’ve been running my dev system on VMWare Workstation 10 (NOT player) without any issues (USB passthrough etc seems to work OK).

One of the other posters was using Oracle’s VM, and appeared to have some issues with the USB connections.

ciao, Dave


I’m running the Ubuntu distribution in VirtualBox and I have some issues to use the android tools (ADB and fastboot). They are working with the USB port and are used to flash the Yocto distribution on the chip. But those tools are working for me on Windows 7.

For everything else, using a VM doesn’t seem to compromise the Legato experience.


Thanks all.