Legato VM vmdk is corrupt?

I downloaded the Legato VM image ova file to begin trying out a mangOH Red and Legato. I wasn’t able to import the VM kept getting a “VMDK: Compressed image is corrupted” message. Attempted to decompress the ova file into the ovf and vmdk files but the vmdk extraction fails. Tried it with a couple different decompressor tools with the same result.

Is the download image corrupted or is there some other step I need to perform?

I’ve tried using VirtualBox 5.1, Windows 10 host and VirtualBox 4.1, Windows 7 with same results?


Hi @nicknewell,

I’ve let the person that takes care of these images know, we’ll get back to you soon.


Seems like there is an issue with the server that ends up corrupting the image.
We’re trying to solve the issue this week.

Thanks for looking into it … Dr. Evil strikes again!

I think the issue is that the server terminates the download before it completes.