Unable to connect via

Hey i have got a major problem with my WP76XX, i tried configuring a gateway using the cfg_gateway.sh referenced in Setting up MangOH Red as Router to Cellular Gateway - Wiki - mangOH forum and i think i somehow blocked myself out of my module. I am simply unable to connect via ssh root@ when viewing the ports i am still able to see the DM port i am able to flash a firmware image using swiflash but i am still locked out when trying with:
swiflash -m “WP76XX” -r
it just gets stuck during Download the firmware and nothing happens, any tips?

you need to downgrade to R12 in order to run

swiflash -m “WP76XX” -r

What do you mean by R12?

WP76 firmware release 12

So i need to flash R12 to module then run swiflash -r … and then i should be able to connect again?

i think so, you can see here:

Somehow i am unable to flash to R12 now,
It says
Detecting USB of the target: DONE
Communicating withe the target: DONE
Switching to firmware download mode: DONE

But downloading the firmware doesn’t complete its just writing . for forever

You might try another wp76 module and see if this is just happening to particular one or if this is your pc problem