Unable to erase USER1 partition

I would like to erase the custom changes on my WP76 target, but I always get the failure code “callback status 59399” during the download process.

I’ve tried several ways, but, none with success:

  • DS 5.3.1 : Legato Target Recovery - Option Erase user partition
  • CLI : fwupdate download reset.cwe
  • CLI : swiflash -m “wp76xx” -r
    I used swiflash versions 4.6 and 5.1.

I also tried this in combination with using the TP1 pin or AT!BOOTHOLD to make sure the module is in boot mode.
I did these tests on a Windows 10 Host PC, and also on 2 different Ubuntu 16.04 Hosts.

What could be the root cause of this, and does there exist an alternative way get a WP module with factory defaults? (no fs changes, no root password, …)


Please download fw 12 to module, and then try swiflash in linux pc.

I flashed the R12 image into my targets, and then I was able to erase the USER1 partition without any problem.


Hi, I’m new to using and have the same issue (reset user password on WP7607). How do I flash R12 to the module? (Also to @jyijyi if you could help.)


You can download the R12 one click exe from source.sierrawireless.com