How to factory reset WP76xx


I’ve been evaluating the WP7607 for use in a project where we’re customizing the yocto image to meet our requirements.

I’d like to factory reset my modems to test packaging .cwe files together, but i’m not clear on how to actually factory reset these modems to the conditions that we purchased them in, with the default yocto and legato images installed - and without anything that we’ve added in.

Things i’ve tried so far:

Flashing default WP76xx firmware to the device using the executable downloaded from sierra’s source website.

Using SWIFlash to reset the device (this doesn’t seem to work using SWIFlash tool - but i’ve equally tried to load reset.cwe using fwupdate)

After running both of those processes, I’m able to ssh back into the modems with the same password I previously used and see the same files I’d left in the user home directory that were there previously.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

You need to downgrade to R12 first

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Thankyou jyijyi, that worked perfectly.