T-Mobile (Generic) R10.1 on WP7603 won't ping or route traffic

I have the Generic R10.1 Firmware on a WP7603 device. I have an active T-Mobile SIM connected. The device registers on the network, and I connect with cm data connect, but I can’t ping anything and it won’t route any traffic I’ve got the default iptables on it, It has an IP address from the Cell. For all intent and purposes, it should be routing traffic, but it’s not. I even modified the iptables to accept everything and still nothing. I can’t ping the gateway.
When it connects, it complains it can’t remove /etc/resolve.conf: device or resource busy.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Here’s an update. It doesn’t appear that the interface actually stays up. If you query with “cm data” it all looks good, but if you look at the route or the ifconfig, there is no interface that’s up that has an IP address. It’s like it comes up and gets an IP address and then won’t stay up.

Can you share the complete error when you ping and also the content of /etc/resolv.conf

Apparently, the routing issues was T-Mobile. That has been fixed. But still, I get this error when connecting even with the cm command:

cm data connect
Setting up profile 1
Connecting … ok
Checking if device ‘rmnet_data0’ is up … ok
Routing inet … ok
mv: cannot remove ‘/etc/resolv.conf’: Device or resource busy
Updating /etc/resolv.conf … ok
Routing inet6 … ok
mv: cannot remove ‘/etc/resolv.conf’: Device or resource busy
Updating /etc/resolv.conf … ok
Testing connection … ok

I am getting this error on WP7601(-01) VZW and WP7603-01 T-Mobile and ATT. They all seem to work though, despite the message.

Hello @EvetsMostel, The error message “mv: can’t remove ‘/etc/resolv.conf’: Device or resource busy” is caused by mv “$RESOLV_CONF” “$DEFAULT_RESOLV_CONF” instruction in the update_dns() function present in apps/tools/scripts/cm script. This message is observed as the move operation cannot be performed because the file /etc/resolv.conf is in use by legato supervisor.
This error/issue will be fixed in later releases. But as a temporary fix, you can replace the