WP7610 Verizon R16.1


We are trying to connect to the Verizon network using a WP7610 and a Twilio sim card, and don’t have consistent results depending on where the connection is established from.

In some areas, when attempting the connection (or even trying manually), the connection does not occur (errno 110 timeout when registering).

This happens when using le_mrc_SetManualRegisterMode, but trying to let the modem connect automatically (at+cops=0) or manually (at+cops=4,2,"310480") still does not allow connection without displaying an error that I can see.

However, the same module and firmware has no problem connecting to AT&T or T-Mobile. Also, an LTE Tablet in the same location with the same sim card connects to Verizon network.

I’ve tried with both the Generic modem firmware and the Verizon modem firmware (from R16.1).

Is there a way to get more logs to understand why it does not connect?

Did you check signal strength?

You might need to decode the qxdm log to have further information

You might need to decode the qxdm log to have further information

I am not sure to see what those are, do you have any pointers?

Thanks for your help

You need to have qualcomm license to have the qxdm professional tool to understand what is happening in the network

You might also contact distribitor, they will teach you to get swilog and this can be analyzed by SWI