WP7702 and IPV6 connection


When I have the PDP context set to IPV4V6, when I run cm data connect my ISP (Telstra) issues the WP7702 both an IPV4 and an IPV6 address.

I can then successfully ping various IPV6 addresses.

However, if I try to ping (or do any other connection to) an IPV4 target, I always get “Network is unreachable” or other IPV4 timeout.

cm data indicates that the device has sane IPV6 information (IP/Gateway/DNS).
ifconfig indicates that there are sane IPV4 addresses for the local interfaces - bridge0/ecm0/rmnet_data0

But there doesn’t appear to be a default route for IPV4 traffic.

How do I automatically have cm data connect establish a default route for IPV4 traffic when the ISP issues an IPV6 address?

I don’t particularly care if the route is via the IPV4 address on rmnet_data0, or if the route is via some other bridge mechanism.

Thanks, Dave

Hi @davidc,

Which version of legato are you running?

Some ipv4v6 issues with cm data connect have been resolved in the previous release I think. Note that you should be fine either way if you use the DCS, so le_data_Request API.


Hi @CoRfr,

I’m currently testing this on a mangOH Red with WP7702 and Legato 17.11.0. But it’s been my experience that even bringing up the connection from within Legato doesn’t sort out the IPV4 routing correctly.

I’ll test the WP77 with the latest legato and see how I get on.

But that won’t help me with the FX30 (WP8548/Legato 16.10.1) as it’s pinned to legato 16.10.1 and there are a number of telcos around the world that give IPV6 by default now.

Thanks, Dave


Hi @CoRfr,

I can confirm that the network stack is set up properly for dual stack operation when I installed legato 18.05.1 onto the WP7702.

‘ping www.google.com’ is via IPV4
‘ping ipv6.google.com’ is via IPV6

Now for the big question … how do I coerce an FX30 (WP8548/legato 16.10.1) to do the same?

ciao, Dave

Difficult question, and not sure how that would be possible. Best way might be to backport ipv4v6 related fixes on top of 16.10.1.


Thanks … that’s what I was afraid you’d say :frowning:

ciao, Dave