Setting up indexer problem


i have installed the Developer Studio in windows7, When i start IDE I am getting the error
" Setting up indexer has encountered a problem "
An internal error occurred during: Setting up indexer
and when i build project getting this --> Docker is not initialized; can’t trigger the build process

It will be great somebody helps me to over come this issue

Best regards,

Hi @RaghuDM

Please double check your installed VirtualBox version: DS on Windows is not compatible with VirtualBox 6, and VirtualBox 5 should be installed instead (see

Hi daav,

Thanks for your reply, i updated VirtualBox to version 5.2.18 and checked with version 5.2.26 also, still i am getting same error

Hi @RaghuDM

Please can you post your workspace log here?
(<workspace>\.metadata\.log file)