Indexer can't find LE_ASSERT and others in Legato 18

Dev studio 5.3.1 (not the compiler) is reporting it can’t find A bunch of LE_ASSERT, LE_INFO, etc. I’ve rebuilt the index several times (very slow now) and still I have these issues. Is there some setting that needs to be added so that I can make these go away?

Hi @EvetsMostel
Eclipse code analyzer is sometimes (too) lazy…
In addition to rebuilding the index, what you can try is:

  • use the righ-click > Run C/C++ Analysis action on the project to force the analyzer to refresh
  • open the file editor where errors are reported (sometimes it forces the analysis to be executed again, and the errors disappear magically…)
  • if you’re upset with these bad errors reported (like I’m starting to be…) you can disable the code analysis at project level

I really start wondering if we shouldn’t disable the Eclipse CDT code analysis by default. It looks causing more pain than having benefits…