Problem "Build and install app" - Developer Studio FX 30


I start with Legato and Sierra Wireless IDE Developer Studio.
For the moment, I am trying to program the FX-30 with a basic application “Hello World” by following a tutorial “FSEgate of April 2017”.
When I “Build and install app”, I get an error message:

"HelloWorld Run
Execute 3 tasks
Connecting to device
Target is already connected
HelloWorld Build
Project contains error
Install HelloWorld
Can not find binary artifact for HelloWorld
Can not find binary artifact for HelloWorld
I’m looking for but I do not really understand.

Can someone help me ? thank you so much

To clarify, I think the problem comes from “Docker problem”.
When I go to Windows> Preferences> Docker, I have this warning:
“The ‘docker-compose’ command could not be located in C: \ Users \ Valentin \ VirtualBox VMs \ legato-docker-vm”

Hi @valentin_pl
we recently noticed that Developer Studio on Windows is not compatible with VirtualBox 6
You need to install VirtualBox 5 instead ( to get it back to work.


I´m having the same problem- I can compile “Hello World” after using VirtuabBox Version 5.2 but them when trying to compile MangoRed “app” I receive the same message
" Cannot find binary artifact for mangOH"