SOLVED - Can't build my project using devolper Studio on Windows

I am using developer studio on a Windows 10. I was able to build my project since yesterday. My windows 10 received an update.

Now I get this message when I try to build a project:

10:04:16 **** Incremental Build of configuration Target_Legato_Debug for project C05 ****
Docker is not initialized; can’t trigger the build process

10:04:16 Build Finished (took 250ms)

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Hi @Luis

please can you try to restart your DS, and if the problem persists, share here the workspace log (.metadata.log file)?

Hello daav,

I restarted DS and my computer several times, but it did not work.

I started DS as administrator and the first time the problem persisted. Then it started to build my project again.


Ok… looks weird anyway…
If the problem comes back, please share the workspace log to help for analysis.