Run encounter problem

i am using wp7502 mangoh red module. we flashed some apps in this module . it is working . since two days we are getting a problem like unable to remove apps and run encountered problem while connecting . it is stopped at 41%. but icon shows that target cnnected mode terminal is working . apps are not running . we are able to stop the apps . we could not remove the apps. it will give an error “apps could not be removed”. we tried swiflash to clear the root file system. it through an error like usb is detecting but device not connected . please guide me to solve this issue.
thanks and regards,
K Subrahmaniam


For removing the application, there is an alternative way with update-pack tool to remove an application in the target from your Linux host, example :

update-pack -ar helloWorld -o helloWorld.remove.update

After that you flash the target with helloWorld.remove.update