redSensorToCloud doesn't appear after app status (wp7700)

I’m Following the tutorial “mangOH Red Getting Started Guide”. Everything seemed to be working fine until I got the the part “Prepare Your mangOH Red For Development”. In step 6, when I run update ~/mangOH/build/update_files/red/, the WP reboots on its own and when I try the “app status” I can’t seem to find the redSensorToCloud among the list of apps. I should mention that this happens even though I got the success message.

Another thing I noticed (I Don’t know if I should ask seperatey) is that when I run cm radio on and then cm radio i Always see it as off. I also noticed that the wp is running on LPM and I Don’t know how to change it. I’m not sure if the second part of the question is related to the first but I felt like mentioning it.

What is the return of at!impref?

It gives me an ERROR

You need to first enter at!entercnd=“A710”