Problem about downloading application to target

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I am totally new with legato. Now I am using WP7502 and Mango Green board, although the question may be stupid, it confused me for long time. Any answer would be appreciated.

My problem is about how to download an application to target WP7502. Now I can successfully connect to target and run “HelloLegato” project on local device. However, in Legato IDE “Device” window, if I right click the target, press “install application” button and select the “HelloLegato” applicartion (shown below):

It would say: “App ‘HelloLegato’ already installed. Discarded app installation.”

But the application is not in the list under target device. So my question is why it is not shown below, did I install it in a correct way? And after the application is installed, how I can run it through command line in WP7502?


When I setup the connection to Legato Device, I have to use the manual settings because no device is detected. So the connection is setup as SSH only which can’t install application? Is this the reason?

Click ‘Built and install App’
Screenshot from 2017-08-31 11:28:32

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Hi @smoothie0000

Actually, your app is indeed already installed.
When you use the toolbar button (as suggested by @lumao), you build, install and start the app on the connected device. And you probably did it, since your app is installed (have a look at the User apps group in your screen capture :wink: )
Then future install is “refused”, because the app is already installed and didn’t change (not rebuilt).

Regarding device discovery, it is enabled only if the devMode app is installed on the device (which is not the case by default since Legato 16.10.3 AFAIR).
The usual workflow (if you want to use discovery) is to connect first thanks to manual settings (default IP is, as proposed by default in DS), and then install the devMode app when DS pops up a notification for it.
That said, device discovery is only usefull:

  • for USB connection, if you want to get notified after a boot/reset (because, well, you already know the IP… :wink: )
  • for Ethernet connection, because you don’t know the IP. But you have to change the firewall rules before being able to connect through SSH over Ethernet (
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Hi daav,

Thank you! I get it!