Legato 18.05.0 and 18.05.1 not work on WP7607


I have issue with WP7607 and Legato.

I use the orginial firmawre R9 without modification (Legato 18.03).

When I build and flash legato 18.05.0 or 18.05.1 the mangOH red reboot after 5s and bootloot and finally rollback to legato 18.03.

Not issue with Legato 18.04.0 but another problem with the 18.04 : assetData setting command don’t work. In debug I have nothing in my setting handler. When I roll back to 18.03 It’s OK.

We lost time each time a new release is done. I would to use latest legato build only because this necessary to build mangOH red system.

We plant to use Sierra solution in the world for 10k systems but I’m worry now and tired to support all this bug. I know this team work fine but don’t forget that we have customer who have to use this solution and don’t care about sofware issue.

If the system don’t work they will see for another solution.


UPDATE with Legato 18.05.1

When I flash legato.cwe file it’s good. I meet the problem only if I flash system.wp76xx.update.

UPDATE Legato 18.05.1

The board restart every around minuts. The system seems not stable.


My apologies guys.

It seems other WP76 not have this problem. I wait new sample to test next week.
When I reflash my WP76 with firmware R8 it’s OK with legato 18.05.1.

I have only 1 sample of WP7607. I will receive WP7603 next week and other WP7607.

I’m lost…

Hi @FrancisDuhaut,

We are putting effort into making sure that this kind of upgrade is possible, and that it is as smooth as possible.

Could you provide some logs of the crash otherwise it’s quite hard for us to tell what’s happening.


@CoRfr thanks for your reply. See the complete log after apply the update command to flash the system.

Board: mangOH Red
WP7607-1 firmware R9 (fresh update)
Legato 18.05.1

logWP7601_legato18_05_01 (289.2 KB)

Hello all

Problem fixed by a update of VM. Thanks to @dfrey

This was due toolchain issue.

See the topic on MangOG forum