Post-mortem debugging

when I turn on post-mortem debugging I get this?

In the main application, debugging symbols are included.
why can’t i see assembler?

hi @zuuuuk,
can you give more information about your configuration?
host OS, Devstudio version, kind of device and legato version?

currently, there is no more support on devstudio, as it has been replaced by VS code
see the link here for more information
Best Regards

I use windows and Devstudio 5.3.1
legato version 18.06
device wp7502

hi @zuuuuk,
which OS are you using? under windows or with windows virtual machine, some similar issue were detected. it could be linked to a mismatch during the installation of the package.
using linux, there is no such issue.
anyway , as I informed before this tool ( dev studio ) is end of life, and due to that the investigation on this particular issue was stopped.
I suggest your project to the VS Code tool, to migrate from devstudio to VS code, please follow the guide here

I followed the recommendations on the legato website.
And migrate to Visual code.
but i have a problem whith debuging breakepoint.

now i use
visual code 1.14
ubuntu linux 18
legato 19.11

@zuuuuk, at that time, vscode debugger doesn’t work yet … but currently, it is okay … did you retry recently?