Debug could be more friendly

I like the VS code and think this is a step in right direction.
However debug process currently is a huge mess.
It’s hard to find documentation on how to debug legato apps remotely.
I came across this article
and it’s actually good, but i’d prefer something more specific for VSCode plugin. Ideally a working sample in GitHub.
Current process way more complicated than it should be. You have so ssh manually to the device, stop the deployed app, restart it with gdb…
There is a task type legato-attach, but it didn’t work for me.
Of course i could be doing something wrong, but for me this reflects the lack of documentation.
Just an opinion. As i said i like VS Code plugin very much and wish dev team all the best with their new IDE. But please, make debug more fun :slight_smile:

Oh btw, now i am having an issue with gdb “‘g’ packet reply is too long” (host Ubuntu, device sierra fx30 WP77xx), doesn’t look like something critical though…

Hi @damir

There is quite a large learning curve trying to debug legato with the cli gdb I’m glad you found that article.

There were some issues with the VSCode debugger such as legato-attach not working so it was no fault of your own :slight_smile:. Fortunately we have resolved most of these issues and debugging should be properly available with documentation in the upcoming 1.1.0 release.

Having also followed the article and using cli gdb, the VSCode debugger will be much more intuitive!

Hi @lpacyk,
It would be good, if hierarchy view came back and VS code stopped reporting errors which are not errors. I would like to start developing on VS finally, not only use it to compile my code ( which I still write on Developer Studio, cause is currently far better than VS).


I agree entirely with you and for me its one of the highest priorities to have the hierarchy view not disappear.

In regard to the errors. As I understand it, the errors are being reported by an extension called C/C++ and for some reason is it not working perfectly in all environments.

If possible I would like to see how your workspace is setup to see how we could stop these errors from popping up. If you could email me at I would be delighted to work through this issue with you.