Multiple file download for swilfash


Can swiflash support multiple files download similar to fdt in windows?


Pankaj Sant

you can see here:

@jyijyi ,

My question is about multiple file download into a single modem and not multiple modems.

eg: If I have 3 files a .cwe , b.cwe and c.cwe how can I flash all the files using swiflash in one go, without resetting the modem 3 times. I know this can be done using fdt2.exe but would like to know if this is possible using swiflash.

I may not prefer to use swicwe to concatenate all the files.

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Pankaj Sant

how do you do this in fdt2.txt?

Any reason you cannot use swicwe to combine those files?

@jyijyi ,

need to have some settings done before final legato.cwe is downloaded to the target. hence the download process needs 2 steps first download modemfirmware+linux then change settings and then download the legato.cwe.

In this case for the first step where modem firmware and linux has to be downloaded wanted to download it in one single step without swicwe. in fdt2.exe you can do it like fdt2.exe modem.cwe yocto.cwe and both files would get downloaded one by one without the module resetting twice. After flashing both files the module will reset once and the device will be ready for further action.

then why don’t yo combine the modem.cwe and yocto.cwe with swicwe?

alongwith modem.cwe+linux.cwe I have another .cwe file which unlocks some features which is specific to SKU so I need to change this file as per the device SKU I am flashing.

Therefore cannot combine the files together.

for using fdt2.exe, are you doing the following?

  1. fdt2.exe modem.cwe yocto.cwe
  2. after reset, download another .cwe file which unlocks some features which is specific to SKU
  3. after reset, download legato.cwe


it is like below:

  1. fdt2.exe R16fw.cwe unlock.cwe yocto.cwe
  2. do some at command configuration and settings.
  3. fdt2.exe legato.cwe

In the first step I have 3 files to install on the modules which gets installed without 3 resets if I use swiflash I will have 3 reset for the first step itself increasing the time to flash a device.



Then why don’t you use fdt2.exe if it is working fine?
Also why don’t you combine these three files “R16fw.cwe unlock.cwe yocto.cwe”?


//replace the yocto image
swicwe --REPL -i boot-modem-yocto-legato-file.spk -y yocto.cwe -o boot-modem-yocto-legato-file-replace.spk

by combining the files I am not sure if the unlock.cwe may work correctly, also for different sku I may have different sku so every device may not use a single unlock .cwe

Then why don’t you use fdt2.exe if it is working fine?

If different SKU needs to use different unlock.cwe, you still need to use different commands in the command prompt.
Then why don’t you generate different combined image for different SKU of module.

fdt2.exe works on the windows PC, would like to understand if I am using linux PC whether do we have any such option available?

Have you generated different combined image for different SKU of module?

In this case, you might use swiflash

Another option is use vmware to run windows platform on your linux