Programming multiple modems at once

Greetings All,
As our development becomes closer to production, We are looking for ideas to be able to program our WP8548s in the most time-efficient way possible. Ideally, up to 10 at a time would be nice.

So far, we’ve found that using the windows executable build hangs if there is more than one modem connected via USB. We’ve also considered changing individual IP addresses of each of the 10 modems and using multiple SSH sessions to copy the files over and run updates. This is a little clunky, but do-able.

Are there other/better options we should be considering? Any suggestions would be very appreciated!


How about using this?

Fastboot is really not the recommended way to update devices, and should only be used for development.

Overall I would recommend to do firmware updates (fwupdate, fdt, swiflash …) instead of system updates (update).
I think this approach is a bit more deterministic as you ‘know’ that the Legato partition that will be on the device is exactly what you’re programming. So if you flash the legato partition and wipe /mnt/flash, you should have exactly the same thing across devices.

I’m thinking that could potentially use swiflash, on Linux, although I’m not sure that it works well with multiple devices at the moment (I’ve asked if it’s a supported or upcoming feature, stay tuned).

The Windows executable might have an option to select the device id, but I cannot check as I don’t have a Windows host accessible at the moment.

The way I handle the multi-target per host management is quite ‘hardcore’ since I use Xen to make sure that sure that each VM only sees one target, both for USB and networking (so all targets can still have and be connected to the same PC, since they are all connected to one independent VM it’s fine).
However this is the brute-force approach that has the advantage of being compatible with anything, but is not that easy to put in place and manage. I mean, you could try with VirtualBox which also has some USB-passthrough capabilities.

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Anyone who is looking at this post may also be interested in @daav response on the mangOH forum:

Basically, programming multiple modems at once is a planned feature of a future version of swiflash.