Update underlying linux filesystem using .cwe


Is it possible to add, replace or remove files from the underlying linux filesystem using a .cwe file?

Ideally I’d like to build a .cwe file for my customized legato bundle, a second .cwe to update the fileesystem and bundle these multiple .cwe into a .spk so that I can install a ‘system’ in one operation.

If this is possible, how is the filesystem modifying cwe constructed?

ciao, Dave

Hi Dave,
I think you can use swicwe tool to combine these .cwe (legato/linux FS/modem) into single .cwe/.spk so to install your complete system in one shot.

Link to the tool:

However, per understanding, we cannot just modify/update single file from the Linux FS, it has to be complete image.

Hope it helps.

Hi @lotam,

Ta for that.

Yes, I would have liked to just update a couple of files in the filesystem as part of an install. But I can do it the long way.

Thanks, Dave