Flashing Multiple Legato Devices at Manufacturing

Does anyone know how to go about flashing multiple Legato devices at the same time at manufacturing on a windows machine? I’m currently able to flash a single device using the Firmware Download Tool (fdt2.exe) and have tried including the options for multiple instances (-multi) and automation mode (-a)

fdt2.exe -d 9x28 -a -multi -f My_FW.spk

but have been unsuccessful in programming two in parallel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Have you tried adding the option “-usbport” to specify the port number?

Hi @SMLee920

in addition you should use the -usbhub and -usbport options to specify the expected device to be flashed.

In order to find the numbers, at the moment the way I found is:

I’ll check internally if there is an easiest way.

Thanks Everyone,

I was eventually able to automate the process by reading the registry files…getting all the USB devices with the correct VID&PID…and then parsing out the Port & Hub numbers to feed to the Firmware Download Tool. Wish there was a way to make it easier for the operator to identify which device goes to which Port/Hub…but my workaround was just to do a batch program instead of making each device download asynchronous.