Mkapp problem in Windows

I’m new to Dev Studio and Legato. Just installed them under Ubuntu and Windows. My Windows installation shows a problem which doesn’t under Ubuntu.

  1. I have made a helloWorld Legato Application. The name of the project is legatoHelloWorld.
  2. When building the project, I receive these errors:
    legatoHelloWorld.adef:1: ERROR: Unexpected character ’
    legatoHelloWorld.adef:2: ERROR: Unexpected character ’
    legatoHelloWorld.adef:3: ERROR: Unexpected character ’
    legatoHelloWorld.adef:4: ERROR: Unexpected character ’
    legatoHelloWorld.adef:5: ERROR: Unexpected character ’
    legatoHelloWorld.adef:6: ERROR: Unexpected character ’
    Error limit reached. Stopping at line 6.
  3. The same project builds successfully in Ubuntu. legatoHelloWorld.adef file is exactly the same as in Ubuntu’s.

What am I missing on my Windows installation? What additional setting is needed? Please help.

There is a known issue in Developer Studio 3.3 on Windows: ADEF files created by the project wizard are written with Windows line endings, which are not compatible with the mkapp tool. You need to convert the line endings to have the build successful (File > Convert Line delimiters to > Unix when the ADEF file is opened).
This issue will be fixed in DS 3.4

Thanks for the reply. That was it and the problem is SOLVED.