Mkapp: Command can not found

i have a problem with the mkapp command :
mkapp -t wp85 helloWorld.adef
mkapp: command not found

Can you give me advises? Thank you.

Each time you start a new terminal, you have to make sure that your build environment is setup correctly.
First step: please can you tell how you installed your Legato environment?

sorry for late reply.
My legato environment was build on the Ubuntu 16.04.1 for Legato 16.07 virtual machine, download from home link (Legato 16.07 for windows):

Best regards!

Hi @lumao

If you’re on Windows, you can give a try with the installer for Windows available here:

I suggest you to start by giving a try with the Developer Studio IDE.
If you prefer use the command line, there is a command-line mode for Windows as well.

You just have to run bin/legs to set up your shell environment.

$ cd dir/where/legato/installed
$ bin/legs

Then you can try building the helloWorld app.

$ cd apps/sample/helloWorld
$ mkapp -t wp85 helloWorld.adef

hi daav,
Thank you for your information. i will try to reinstall my IDE.

Best Regards!

hi, jchitty,

Thanks for your info. i will have a try to do it.

Best Regards.